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  • One Shot Concentrated Fuel System Cleaner (200mL)

    Fuel system service as you drive.


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    One Shot Concentrated Fuel System Cleaner is for unleaded, turbo charged, fuel injected, carburetted 2 & 4 stroke engines. An advanced formulation, One Shot has been designed to provide maximum efficiency as a fuel additive by providing intake system clean up, emission control, extended component life and more efficient utilisation of fuel.

    One Shot works as you drive, to clean the fuel system, valves, combustion chambers, ports, intake manifolds, carburettors and fuel injectors.You can have full use of your vehicle while One Shot quickly and safely cleans your engine’s fuel system componentry, helping restore lost compression and performance.

    One Shot Fuel System Cleaner incorporates New Technology with Residual Effect.

    Key Features

    1. Cleans fuel systems (valves, ports, combustion chambers, intake manifolds, carburettor/s and injectors)
    2. Improve fuel economy
    3. Increase power and restore lost power thus improving performance
    4. Reduce or eliminate engine run-on
    5. Reduce hard starting
    6. Smooth out rough idling
    7. Reduce exhaust emission


    The recommended dosage is one bottle (200mL) to up to 60 litres of fuel. This quantity will suit most passenger vehicles. Adjust the dosage proportionately to suit the capacity of the petrol tank. Alternatively, use PT5 Plus Concentrated Petrol Treatment on a continuous basis as recommended for similar results. For maximum benefit, re-treat every 2,500 km or 50 hours of operation. Do not use in Diesel Fuel.

    Available Sizes


    I used the One Shot which had an instant effect on my cars economy, performance and there was a measurable reduction in engine juddering when idling. After seeing how effective the One Shot was, I moved on to use the PT5 every time I fill up with fuel.

    Bob QLD

    u must try this my friend

    joseph akj

    Awesome product I have a friend with a $30,000 petrojet fuel system cleaner who recons this product works as well provided fuel lines are not blocked.Notice a huge difference in my Ford Falcon.

    Michael Auckland

    I added this product to my trusty old steed, a 1995 ford courier 4wd. Within 50 km there was a noticeable difference to the way the engine was running, smoother, more power and quicker takeoff. 100 km plus later and it also is using less fuel than before.

    Phil Richardson Bunbury WA

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