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Member Only Offers

In addition to your everyday member discount, you will be treated to exclusive promotions just for you! These include access to exclusive members only specials and emporium sales events with discounts of up to 50% across the Pro-Ma ranges.

The More You Shop, the More You Save

Each product has an assigned point value. If you shop 15 points or more in any calendar month you will receive a 5% bonus. You can do this through one order to receive this immediate 5% discount, or accumulate these points over multiple orders and get a cashback paid directly into your account. More than 15 points in a calendar month? Good news! You will get this bonus on any following orders.

Dedicated Member tools

Access to member only tools and reports to help track and give insights to your customers, wholesale buyers and online sales.

Discounts and Retailing

Up to 35% off RRP for all your future purchases. That means you can shop any of your Proma favourites at a discount whenever you want! And, retailing to your customers means you get to keep all the profit on RRP sales. We know what you’re thinking… it sounds too good to be true, but it really is that simple!

You Sell it, We Ship it

Promote your personalised online store to family, friends and your customers and when they shop online, we will pick, pack, ship and provide customer service for their order.

Share the Love Through Your Personalised Online Shop

Your very own personalised online store to share with your family, friends and future customers. We will notify you each time a customer places an online order. Then, at the end of the month you will be paid up to 25% in commissions from qualifying purchases. Woohoo!

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