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The number one ingredient in all of our skincare formulas is certified organic aloe vera. This high content of aloe vera, when combined with potent botanicals and cosmeceutical actives, works in perfect synergy to restore skin health, providing dramatic and lasting results.

Why aloe vera?

The aloe vera plant, Aloe Barbadensis Miller, is recognised as having many health promoting qualities. Modern research has shown that the pure inner gel of the aloe vera leaf contains over 200 active constituents - essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and polysaccharides. Polysaccharides are unique to the aloe vera plant and modern science has not been able to synthetically replicate its benefits including:

Real people, real results

At Grace we are passionate about helping people find natural solutions to their skin concerns. For 40+ years, we have been delivering proven results backed by science and grounded in nature.

We have thousands of customers all around the world that have been using Grace Cosmetics. Many of them have been with us since the very beginning in 1983. Why? Simply, because Grace works.

Explore the testimonials from our Grace community to see the transformative results achieved through our Grace Cosmetics skincare.

All quality, no fillers

Did you know that the ingredients on the back of skincare labels are actually listed in descending order? This means the ingredients listed first represent the greatest percentage in the formulation.

If aloe is near the bottom of a list, it usually means there’s not much in there. When we say we are global leaders in aloe vera skincare, this means aloe vera is the number one and most important ingredient in all of our formulas.

Unlike other skincare companies where the first ingredient is water (also referred to as aqua or H2O), you’ll see the first ingredient in all our formulas is organic aloe vera. Right from the top of our list, our formulas are packed full of collagen boosting, skin transforming vitamins and antioxidants.

The combination of aloe vera and other natural ingredients make every drop of your Grace skincare count.

Our approach is simple

One word that is integral to everything we do at Grace Cosmetics is synergy. Synergy in skincare is all about teamwork! When you use two or more skincare products or ingredients together, they can create even better results than if you used them separately.

At Grace we advocate that healthy, glowing skin starts with your daily 3-step routine of cleanse, hydrate and moisturise. When you commit to a daily 3-step routine, twice a day every day, with products that complement each other, that is when your skin will begin its transformation process.

Step 1: CleanseRemove excess oils, dirt and impurities to prepare your skin for the rest of your routine.
Step 2: HydrateThis essential step acts as a toner to lock in moisture and deeply hydrate the skin.
Step 3: MoisturiseRestore moisture and enhance the skin's moisture barrier for maximum protection.


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